Which Shoe Is Best For Flat Feet


Having flat feet can cause distress and pain. A flat shoe can go a long way in managing this problem. Putting on the wrong shoe can lead to knee, ankle, shoulder, back, or neck problems later on in life. A flat shoe offers the right cushioning in the affected area and supports the arch hence providing stability. Whichever shoe you need, whether casual, tennis shoes, football shoes or dress footwear, you’ll find a flat shoe that fits the occasion.

There are a few factors to consider before purchasing a flat shoe. Below are some types of flat shoes that best suited for flat feet.



Sneakers are essentially important, especially for those with flat feet when walking for long distances. Most sneakers have a cushioned footbed that maintains the foot alignment. They also contain removable insoles that are easy to sleep off in the event you want to sleep in your own orthotics.

These shoes are the most preferred since they cup the heel correctly supporting your back extensively. You can look at this web-site to learn more.


A classic sandal is another ideal go-to shoe for flat-footed individuals. Sandals provide a great support to your arch and act as shock absorbers through their flexible outsole and can mold into your flat shoe perfectly. They have a soft footbed hence require less break-in time since they are cushioned.



Boots are classy and never go out of fashion. If you are a flat-footed person, stick to the stylish ones whose heel height is two inches or lower. Most boots are lightweight and have flexible footbeds which act as shock absorbers. Those that have wide heels provide arch support and are impact resistant.

It’s essential to always look at the heel and cup of a shoe before purchasing it, especially if you have flat feet. You should make sure that your toe box has enough room and the middle part of the shank shouldn’t be too rigid.