What Gear Do You Need To Start Boxing?

There are many sporting activities you can engage in. However, the most revered in the community is boxing. Some venture into boxing as a professional career while others do it as a hobby. For you to venture into boxing, you must get physical and mental preparedness. Also, the right equipment will propel your success rates.

For physical and mental preparedness, exercises will help to open your muscles and give you flexibility. Mental wise, boxing exercises serves as an outlet for stress and depression. Thus, you engage in the activity while fresh and with clear thoughts.

As a newbie in the sport, the first experience might be daunting. However, you must get dedicated to the task despite the pressure. First, you must shun the fear of not achieving. With the right spirit and the heart, boxing stunts get easier. In this article, I have compiled a list of boxing gears you need to get started.

1. Gloves

Kids, men, and women are well covered when it comes to boxing. Even though there are different types of gloves used during boxing, they are designed to suit all fits. There are the fitting gloves, sparring, training, and bag gloves. If you are a newbie, you can go to the training gloves.


Other gloves such as the bag gloves and the sparing gloves are much heavier than they look. Thus, even though these gloves may look alike from the outside, they serve different purposes. All you must do is get the best set of gloves to get the best physique for boxing.

2. Shoes

It is idyllic to get a pair of lightweight boxing shoes during your training. The shoes are supportive and offer a good grip for your flexibility. There are different models for different clients.

However, the best feature to look for is a thin, light, flexible sole. Also, the shoe must be fitting to offer good support to the ankle and to protect you from spraining.

3. Protective gear

The gear serves to protect your body from harm. While working on body shots, the protective gear has you covered. For most beginners, the face happens to be their best aim. However, you can also pull the best stunts for the body. All you must do is get a contender who will put on the gear. Your contender must be well versed to stand your shots.

4. Hand Wraps

These best serves to protect wrists from twisting and breaking. There are many designs to choose. For some, you can just slip them on and others, you must wrap them. If you are in some financial crisis, the hand wraps will suffice.

5. Mouth Guard


You don’t want to lose your set of teeth in the match. With the mouth guard, you are sure all shots aimed at your face are never going to leave you deformed. The mouth guard is essential especially when you go drilling will another beginner.

6. Punch mitts

You can invest in a punching mitt to perfect your speed. With a punching mitt, you will also learn to be precise and accurate. You might need a personal trainer to work on your speed.

7. Heavy Bag

It is a must-have tool for beginners. The heavy punch bag serves to sharpen your skills while it comes to combat. As a boxer, you can choose from a myriad of designs to have that which suits your training.

The above is the starter pack for boxing. For your safety and improved skills, you must adorn yourself with the above gears.