What Do Runners Wear When It’s Cold?

During cold weather, it doesn’t mean it is the time to banish your body from the treadmill. With the advancement in technology, we have winter running clothes that will make your running to be comfortable and a fulfilling one. Below are tips on what to wear when running in cold weather.

Thermal hat

During cold weather, you are likely to lose more the 10% of your heat from your head. It is essential to make sure it is well covered when you are running.

Neck gaiter

This is worn mostly by skiers; neck gaiter can be of great help, especially on a windy, frigid day to cover or protect your face and neck. You can pull it up to warn the air you are breathing.


It is also known as a skin mask. It is a headgear the completely covers your head, exposing only your face, or sometimes your eyes alone. Get More Info about Balaclava here

Lip and skin protector

Running in cold weather can easily chap your lips and expose your skin to cracks. Make sure you protect your skin and lips with Vaseline or ChapStick.


Gloves are essential here. Make sure you put in your gloves when running in cold weather. This will provide warmth to your hands and wick away moisture. In extremely cold conditions, mittens are preferred because your fingers will be in a position to share your body heat.

Running pants or tights


You don’t need to cover the lower part of your body with many layers. Legs generate a lot of heat for that matter. You can wear pants or tights made from synthetic materials like Thinsulate or thermion.


Your feet should be kept warm. Make sure you have the right shores that can keep your feet dry as you keep moving them. Choose running shoes that have little mesh, so then water won’t seep to your feet.These are the essential running gear that you need to have.