What Are The Factors Affecting Physical Fitness?

Being in good physical status is essential to all of us. Many people have different opinions while describing the status of the body. Good body status may be described by an individual being able to so their daily activities with ease.

There are many factors in this website that are combined to describe physical fitness. These factors are muscle strength, coordination, and endurance. It is hence the act of performing day to day activities with the same strength.

The movements of parts are responsible for keeping our mind and body healthy. The running times, weight lifting capability and the number of pull-ups are the various way that fitness can be measured.

Below are the factors affecting physical fitness

Exercise Regularity

Young woman working out outdoors in park. Sport girl. Healthy life.

Depending on the regularity and intensity of the exercises, fitness is promoted. Exercises should be done regularly to increase our wellness.

The diet

Proper nutrition comes from a good diet. We also get ample energy and vigor from a good diet. We should aim at eating a balanced diet to have our wellness improved.

Proper training

Our body fitness is decided the amount of training we get. With proper training, our wellness is increased with greater magnitude.

Relaxation and rest

Through rest and relation, one is able to recover and the speed of the muscles going to their normal state increased.



There is always some negative factors on fitness caused by the illness. These include both diseases and injuries. One should strictly ensure that obstructive and remedial measures that are safe are followed.


We should leave it clean, safe and hygienic environments in order to be fit and well. Dirty, untidy and polluted environments have a negative effect on our fitness and wellness.

Gender and Age


There is a biological difference between a man and a woman. The functioning of their psychology also works typically. As one grows old their fitness and wellness are slowly affected.


Better health and fitness is promoted by a healthy lifestyle.The single and habitual sessions of physical activities help an individual in achieving better performance in their day to day tasks. It’s evident that there are various factors that affect the wellness of an individual. Everyone should strive to maintain a fit body.