What Are The Benefits Of Clean And Jerk Exercise?

The clean and jerk is one of the most effective exercises. It’s a highly technical lift, and it challenges almost every body muscle to boost its strength, stability, endurance, and size and at the same time develop agility, speed, and coordination skills. It’s made up of two key stages: the clean stage and the jerk stage.

The clean stage involves picking the barbell from the floor and racking it on the shoulders. The jerk stage involves pushing the barbell into an overhead position while the legs are in a lunge-like position.

The Benefits of Clean and Jerk Exercises

Improved Cardiovascular Health

When you ask most people, they will tell you that cardio exercises are the only ones which can improve cardiovascular health effectively. However, even high-intensity workouts such as clean and jerk can work wonders to ensure that your cardiovascular system is in check.


Studies conducted on high-intensity weightlifting and cardiovascular responses indicated that people who do these exercises had an improved heart rate and blood pressure. This is because it’s an exercise that involves working out the whole of your body.

Better Motor Skills

What are motor skills? This is the coordination of muscles, the nervous system, and the brain to perform do various tasks. They’re grouped into gross motor skills and fine motor skills.

Gross motor skills involve using large muscle groups to do things such as crawling, walking, and balancing. Fine motor skills involve using small muscle groups to do small movements with our hands, toes, wrists, and feet.

Clean and jerk enhance the working together of various muscle groups which results in an improved nervous system and coordination. This helps you carry out daily tasks with ease.

Boosts the Endocrine Responses

As we mentioned earlier, clean and jerk is an all-around exercise which works out the whole body. It puts the body under heavy weight and stresses the muscles more than some exercises out there.


As the body responds to this stress, it produces various hormones which help the body in building more muscle, losing fat, and adapting to straining conditions. But for you to gain maximum benefits, you must learn how to clean and jerk correctly. This way, you’ll avoid injuries and benefit maximumly from this exercise.

Improved Balance

Balance is a very important element that everybody should have. Especially if you participate in various sporting activities, you should always strive to improve your balance. Starting the clean and jerk exercise can greatly improve your balance so that you’re successful in your respective sport. Also, you will be able to carry out your day to day activities with ease.

Better Mental Health

Weightlifting is an exercise that can go a long way in ensuring that your mental health is in excellent condition. It triggers the production of endorphins, which can significantly reduce anxiety and depression. Also, if you’re better physically, it will translate to better self-confidence.

These are not the only benefits of clean and jerk exercises; there are others such as core development, better strength, and improving anaerobic endurance. Get a professional to guide you through this exercise and enjoy all the benefits.