This HIIT Workout Gives At-Home Routines a Good Name

High-intensity training intervals (HIIT) and particulate the HIIT workout are so crucial. They keep your body and mind conjecturing with back to back strength and cardio intervals as well. They helps to maximize time and puts you in a state of more post-exercise oxygen intake. Therefore, HIIT keeps burning calories for a long time even after the workout is over. The effect is referred to as the after burn effect. The routine requires dumbbells and an exercise mat. Here is a HIIT Workout which will effectively give you’re At-Home Routines a Good Name?

How it works:

Do every exercise for a minimum of 30 seconds back-to-back without any breaking between, in the end, take a break of 30 n minutes and repeat all again. Do the same exercise five times? If you are not a beginner at this, you do as many times as possible.

2-Phase Squat

Practice standing with your feet shoulder-width apart or faintly wider. The toes should be pointing on the outer region. Ensure you associate your core, and maintain the shoulders down and back. The head should be in a neutral position. Go up half way, lower back and down again. Then go up as you squeeze your glutes to the top.

Curtsy Lunge

Keep the shoulders with apart as you stand with the feet wide apart. The shoulders and feet with apart and ensure you engage the core. Try to cross one leg behind the other, lower the body until the two knees are bent to.

Crossing one leg behind the other, lower your body straight down until both knees are 90 degrees. Squeeze the glutes before you resume the starting point. Then repeated on the other side.

Leg Lower

Begin by lying down on a mat on your back. try to bring your belly to the spine. Lift both legs on a straight line on the air and slowly bring them down. Do not raise your back, ensure it remains on the ground. Bring the knees to your chest then take them back to repeat the excise. You can do this as many times as possible for your own benefits.


This begins by speeding the hands wide than soldiers with all the figures spread out. Then get on your toes and do a toe push-up and at the same time ensure that the butt is tacked in. also, ensure the neck and the core are tight. Then get back to the starting point. Still, do this while steel on the knees.

Group of women working out in fitness studio

This is better done while your core is tight and the butt tacked in. begin by pushing up the core. Then pull one knee to touch the elbow release it and get the other one to touch the elbow. Keep repeating. In this case, the right hands get to the right elbow while the left elbow gets to the left elbow.