Most Intense Weightlifting Exercises

Regardless of how much of a trainer you are, there are specific exercises that you hate doing. Consider the triceps’ moves that make you feel like your arms will fall off or the squat variants that burn many calories than you may think. Trainers understand the pain from these exercises will get a worthy payoff.

Here are some of the most intense weightlifting exercises that you can try to be among the fittest people:


This is a challenging exercise that results in the best outcomes. It helps you increase the depth and strength of your muscles while leveling up your rate of metabolism.


It is done by standing with your feet apart. Hinge your chest and hips to the ground with a barbell in front of your shins. Go off by impelling your heels into the ground while pushing hips forward. Keep your core tight and back flat as you undertake the exercise to prevent hurting your lower back. Pause at the top and then lower the barbell to the ground and repeat the process.

Single Arm Kettlebell Press

This exercise stimulates your shoulders, torso, and hips completely. It enhances your body stability through shoulder mobility since it tones the muscles using various motions.

You can do it by placing both your feet and arms apart while standing with a kettlebell in front of your right leg. Push back your hips and grab the kettlebell with your palms facing your body. Extend your both hands while keeping your butt down. With your core tight, push your heels to lift the weight while keeping your chest high. Extend your hips, knees, and ankles when the weight passes your knees.


As the weight ascends, shrug the shoulders and go on lifting the weight, maintaining it close to your body. Put the kettlebell on your right shoulder with your right elbow directly pointing the ground. Rotate your arm to ensure and ensure that your palm faces inwards at this point. Press the kettlebell up to your arm length with your wrist facing away from the body. Ensure that you keep your torso upright when you lift the kettlebell overhead. Lower the kettlebell back to the shoulder and repeat the procedure.

Dumbbell Thruster

This exercise includes stabilization and movements to stimulate your entire body. It enhances the flexibility of your hips and shoulders, blood flow, and strength of the body.

It is achieved by holding a pair of dumbbells on your Bicep curl. Squat entirely and as you arise, push the dumbbells overhead when in a standing position while squeezing your abs, glutes, and quads. Go down to full squat again while lowering the weight back to your bicep curl and repeat the procedure.

German Volume Training

A German volume is a workout approach that can assist you to gain a mass of muscles rapidly. It is one of the most effective workouts. It involves lifting loads on a progressive basis. You can do ten reps for each set of weights and progressively increase the weights every time you successfully meet the rep range.


You can do it by putting a load in front of your body with your legs apart. Bend your body while maintaining a flat back and lift the connected weights with your both hands. Ensure that the load reaches the height of your hips – the hands should not get into contact with your body for the best results. Return to the bent position and repeat the procedure without putting down the weight.Now that you know some of the intense workouts you can do try them out.