How Do Beginners Increase Running Distance

Running has lots of benefits for our bodies. It helps us to build strong bones, strengthen our muscles, improve heart health, burn lots of calories, and maintain a healthy weight. However, when starting out as runners, there is one challenge that many people face: increasing their running distance.

They always find themselves running the same distance when they try to increase, it’s difficult, or they get a burnout. In this article, we’re going to look at how to increase running distances for beginners.

Increase by 10% Every Week

If you’re a beginner, increase by your mileage by not more than 10% every week, and maintain that new level for 3 weeks before you increase again. It’s a general guideline recommended by most coaches. If you increase your mileage sharply, your body may not have time to adapt, and that can lead to injury.


However, if your current mileage is less than 20 miles per week, a 10% increase may be very small. Work your way to a baseline mileage of 20 miles per week or more, and start increasing your running distance by 10% from there. You can navigate to this site to learn more.

Start at a Slower Speed

Increasing both your pace and running distance simultaneously can be tough. If you increase your running distance and start off fast, you may not be able to cover the expected distance.

Start slow to condition your body to handle the rest of your running. Resting is also vital. Ensure you’re taking at least a day off every week.

Incorporate Strength Training

Running isn’t about upper body strength; it’s mostly about lower body strength. If you invest in stability exercises to boost your lower body strength, you’ll avoid injury while increasing your mileage. These exercises will ensure that your skeletal muscle fiber doesn’t break down due to mileage gains. But since your first priority is running, perform weight training after a run and not before.

Caucasian woman running in city

These are some of the best techniques to increase your running distance if you’re a beginner. Remember to invest in self-care measures like ice baths and massages after runs. Regular massages are particularly vital to loosen tight muscles and remove adhesions