Best Socks For Running

You do not need a lot of equipment for running. There are different types of socks choices that you can choose from, and it is very important that you always wear the right type of socks, by doing this; you will be free from foot blisters, corns, chafing and many other problems. Some runners make a mistake of running in the wrong type of socks, and it takes them quite a long period of time before they realize that their feet would have felt much better if they had chosen the right type of socks.

Socks for running normally come in different material types, sizes as well as thickness. So, when choosing one, you really need to be extra careful and consider several things to avoid settling on a pair of socks that would only make your feet feel worse than it was. Below is a breakdown of helpful tips that can help you get the best Running Socks for your feet.


The material should be one of the most important things to consider, and you should stay away from the 100% cotton socks, this is because cotton cannot wick away moisture, and once it gets wet it stays wet. As the cotton maintains the wetness of your feet, it also increases the chances of your feet getting blisters.

Running Socks

You should, therefore, go for the synthetic materials, this involves the polyester, acrylic as well as nylon, they are the best type of socks, this is because as your feet get wet through sweat, these types of socks are able to wick away the moisture and leave your feet dry hence protecting your feet from blisters.


The cushioning, as well as thickening that a person might want for his or her socks, is basically a matter of personal choice. Fortunately, there are several types of these that one can choose from.

There are several socks types that are also designed to help in providing cushioning in those areas that blisters are more likely to develop.


Your sock’s height can sometimes be just a personal style; however, it can sometimes serve a very important purpose. You can go for long socks for running if you find it tiring to chaff the back of your ankle, or maybe you have just realized that the mid-calf ankle socks are in fashion again.

Anatomic shape

You should avoid wearing socks that are shapeless, and this is because wearing such kind of socks puts your feet at a higher of fabric bunching, and it also can cause irritation to your feet. Socks for running are always made in a manner that they are in a position to hug the contours of your feet in order to eliminate the potential source of blisters.

Running Socks

Specialized features

Some socks are designed to meet the specific needs and issues of running basically. For instance, if you need to improve blood flow through the legs and ankles, you should go for compression socks, these types of socks are also suitable for those looking for extra arch support.