4 Ways to Spring Clean Your Health Routine

Spring cleaning goes all the way from your apartment, to your wardrobe, and it is definitely supposed to make you clean up your health routine. If winter has made you forget all about healthy habits, regular workouts and good night’s sleep, it’s time to look yourself in the mirror and ask if you really think that’s how you should look during the bikini season. Even though you are beautiful no matter the size you are, you’ll feel much better and keep your body more vigorous if you spring clean your health, and we know just how you can do it.

Don’t work out alone

Spending hours at the gym, running on a treadmill or spinning while looking yourself in the mirror isn’t always the best way to enjoy your workouts. Bringing a workout buddy with you will give you someone to talk to from time to time, and make exercise more enjoyable. If you set a certain goal for both of you, there can even be a small competition between your buddy and you, which will only motivate you to break a sweat harder. Furthermore, if they’re accustomed to working out, just by looking at your friend having no trouble doing 50 sit-ups in one sitting will give you an extra energy boost and motivation to work twice as hard.

Become consistent

Making your workouts into a routine is the best strategy to spring cleaning your health. Only after you start hitting the treadmill every day and do it without even setting a reminder for gym time, will you know that you’re on the right path to a strong and healthy body. If going to the gym every day is too much of a hassle, maybe you could look for convenient treadmills that you can put inside your bedroom or maybe the garage, and workout whenever you want without wasting a minute on driving to the gym. Get barbells, a jump rope and a yoga mat if you decide to dedicate some time to various types of exercises.

Go outside

If spring isn’t too rainy, you could even consider moving your workouts outdoors. Jogging in the park or by the beach will be highly beneficial for your health, and it will even make you work out longer. Breathing in fresh air will feel amazing, which is why you won’t feel the need to cut your running short as you might do when pumping iron at the stifling gym. Spending more time in nature will also be good for your blood pressure levels and improve your mood too.

Be mindful about your workouts

If the first thing you grab when you want to go out for a run is your headphones and your phone, think about it again. Being mindful about your exercises, and really being present in the moment will allow you to have efficient workouts and really give yourself 100%. Therefore, the next time you want to go outside and sweat it out, do it unplugged. Recharging is best done when you unplug from the digital world, which is precisely why you should forget all about your phone and grab only your keys and a water bottle. Pay attention to your muscles contracting, be aware of the sounds of your breath, practice gratefulness for your body and you’ll see just how much better you’ll do and how more effective your workouts will become.

Final thoughts

If you feel it’s time to spring clean your fitness routine, be sure to do it right. It’s essential that you stop making excuses for skipping practices, but become consistent in your workout routine. A workout buddy can be a great company, making you work harder and enjoy every step you take. Running outside while thinking about every breath you take and leaving all the tech behind will certainly help you enjoy your workouts more and truly recharge.