Fitness is among the most important things that so many people desire to get. However, many people are not sure of how to go about it. Well, if you are one of these two, do not worry anymore. This is the riches platform on fitness you will ever find. We will guide you on the best fitting technique from the beginning to the end and ensure you get to your point.

What We Are All About

Fitness is so crucial to your health. You need to remain fit so as to keep away from different complications. However, some people are not sure of the how to go about it. Here are 3 fitness tips which will ensure your body remains fit.


Exercise on daily basis at least an hour a day. This does not necessarily involve jogging or running. You should get some moderate physical activity in your daily life activities. For instance, you can consider cycling to a job or walking a certain distance as you to work or as you go back home.


No matter the craving you have, eating the right food at the right time is crucial. Always keep away from sugars and sweet food. Eating candy will not help to keep you fit. The best food is the fruits and vegetables. They will help you get in shape.


A very crucial key to staying fit is is always being motivated. Set goals and always have a positive vibe. Many people are not aware of this but it is so critical. If you remain positive, it will be easy for you to push yourself to get fit.

How To Make Your Own Jumping Rope?

A skipping rope is crucial to work out tool.it helps you to keep fit as you have some fun. It is among the most convenient tool you can ever have since you can make it all by yourself. Here are the steps for making a skipping rope.

Step 1

Select the rope materials

The first step is to select your most preferred material. There are different rope materials which are likely to offer you variable amounts of sturdiness and performance as you skip. Various ropes materials include

Leather rope

The material is cheap, endures all weathers but turns very slow.

PVC or the plastic

Coated rope is among the greatest models. it turns quickly and is so easy to control.

Wire Cable

It is easy to turn and control. However, it wears out so fast


Step 2

Length of the rope

The second step is to consider the most appropriate length according to you. This determines with your body size and the height. Get the best size which you can comfortably skip without any struggle.

Step 3

Beads or No Beads

This is where you decide whether you want to add beads or not. Beads are critical as they increase the durability of the rope, also, it ensures add weight making it easy to turn. If you will be skipping on hard surfaces, you should get the shatterproof bead.


Step 4

The handles

The final thing is to get handles. Without handles, your rope cannot turn quickly. For simple handles, get some a gauge PVC pipe in which a pipe can o through. Cut two pieces which can perfectly fit in your arm. You can still buy handles at the store. Then bring the rope and the handles together, pass the ropes via the pipes or handles on the two sides and tie a knot. You are good to start skipping.

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